❤️❤️ Thank’s for the last 12 months, what a ride! ❤️❤️

12 months ago I became CTA, it was the most thrilling experience in my life so far. Little did I know that the more exciting thing was about to happen afterward.

It all started innocently with me publishing a few cheat sheets but quickly escalated into something like an (amazing) full-time job.
Soon enough I was writing, talking, revising, presenting from dawn to dawn. The Salesforce community became my new home and LinkedIn my living room. Every day was more exciting than the day before. There was nothing more exciting to me than to work on a piece of content and get it out there to you.

As of my tradition, I want to share a few things I took away from that experience:
– Community Work is/can be a full-time job
– Content production takes a lot of time
– Collaboration is key
– The Salesforce community is geographically wast and very diverse
– The community is extremely helpful and friendly
– I always can learn something from anyone
– Content has to come from the heart 

Over the last few months, my regular workload increased. 
That means I can’t put as much time into content production anymore. There’s just not enough energy left to regularly create content on a level you all deserve.

This does not mean, I’ll be gone completely. I’ll continue to create content, but it will be far less regularly.

❤️❤️ Thank you for the last 12 months, what a ride! ❤️❤️

PS: And now I’ll take a rest.