Becoming a CTA

5 years ago I set my goal to become a CTA.
Today I got the e-mail:
Exam: Salesforce Certified Technical Architect Review Board
Result: Pass

These years where a great #journeytoCTA. I learned a lot about Salesforce but more so met many great people. The Salesforce community is a true Ohana.

Special thanks to the whole team at, foremost the team-lead Frank Marter. It was an amazing experience to build the org together.
Another big thanks to Sebastian Wagner and Doina Popa from FlowRepublic, without your coaching I’d not have stood a chance.
There’s no CTA without Ladies Be Architects. Thanks for enabling me to go down this route Gemma Blezard.
But most important, my study group. Through ups and downs, from LDV over Chatter into the last detail of Lead Assignment Rules.
So many mornings, so many weekends, day and night. Never stopped to push me, never stopped to support me.
And to all the other people who helped me along the way: Thanks!