A letter to Ankit Taneja

Dear Ankit

For many years our paths have regularly crossed each other in the Berlin Salesforce community. You have been a pillar of our community for so long, I can’t remember when we met.

I write this letter not to thank you for your contributions to the Salesforce community, in Berlin and Hamburg, but to thank you for the impact you had on my career.

Your Podcast “Forcepreneur” is just amazing. Ever since the first episode (“Networking is an Art”), your podcast is my monthly highlight. Your topics about entrepreneurship are such an inspiration. The content is always unique. You manage to ask, and go beyond, the questions that have only just begun to form in my mind., You find guests at a peek of their game, willing to be honest and to share their insights, helping me on my journey and avoid any number of missteps. To top it off the production quality is unrivaled.

My favorite episode – so far – has been Episode 3 (“If you want to start a company, Just do it!”). This episode made me start my Salesforce blog. A year later, with your encouragement, I have got my own Salesforce AppExchange company off the ground. You even created a course, which might as well have been tailored for first-time Salesforce entrepreneurs like me: “Salesforce Solopreneur: A modern-day freelancer”. I hope one day, I’m successful enough to be allowed on your Podcast.

But your most important contribution to my career is your advice. The advice isn’t always what I want to hear, but always what I need to hear. I still remember the moment at YeurDreamin’, where you added a very important piece of advice to my #journeyToCTA. You correctly identified my lack of experience in Enterprise architecture. You encouraged me to find a way to close that gap.

I know there are many others touched by your contribution.

Ankit, please keep up the great contribution to the community – don’t stop surprising me!