A letter to Nina Rosen

Dear Nina

I have the feeling you are part of my life, despite us only meeting twice. It must be three years, that I follow each of your steps. Your contributions are just a blast to read, watch or listen to. It’s always a source of joy for me. You are so positive, creative, funny, and practical.

It was at London Calling, you probably don’t remember, when we first met. A few wise words from you stopped my SF mobile project from becoming a total disaster.

We met again at Dreamforce and you gave me great advice on how to come up with topics for talks: “Start with the headline and try to figure out the rest later”. To this day I follow this advice, it serves me well.

The more I read (mostly on Twitter) and hear from you, the more impressed I become. Professionally, you made it to the top, you have been featured on the Salesforce Developer Podcast! It was so much fun listening to your adventures with integrating Office 365.

But you are not limited to Salesforce, you make yourself heard, you stand up for people in need, you are not afraid! Your support for others gives me motivation to also stand up, to be less afraid, to do more to help others. Your braveness is the reason I write today’s letter. Thank you for being brave, thank you for making me a little braver.