Video: Choosing between Standard & Custom Objects, Relationships in CTA exam

As others said: A must watch.
We all know Jitendra to be a genius around Salesforce. His latest video on Apex Hours is packed with so much amazing information! I love his clear opinion on Lookup vs. M-D!

Main Takeaway: Business (capability) leads the decision

Other Takeaways:
– Each standard Object has a clear (business) purpose, know it!
– Choose the object not by technical capabilities but the business purpose
– Just because it’s possible, doesn’t mean it’s a good idea
– “It’s easier (short term) is not a valid reason
– How would AppExchange apps be impacted by the choice?
– M-D Relationship is the exception, security is the only valid justification
– Recurring Tasks can be a quick solution (Know Tasks)
– Don’t be afraid of custom Objects
– Don’t choose an app or solution (e.g. Lightning Scheduler) just for the data model

Jitendra Zaa. I hope you agree with my takeaways.