CTA Review Board Presentation Content Cheat-Sheet


Some of us analyzed the official, public review board scenarios to create a “CTA review-board-presentation content cheat-sheet”. The document contains the structure and likely topics.
It’s not meant to be seen as a shortcut to success but as a helper for your preparation.

This cheat-sheet was created before my board date. The content is solely based on analyzing the existing, official mock-exams. I added some of my own content. There’s no guarantee for your review board scenario being anything like that. This should not serve as the one single truth but just represents my personal style.

The presentation time stamps are based on my personal style. Everybody has their own rhythm.
Special thanks goes to Carl’s review board recording (Link).

Please, do not take he word “Cheat-Sheet” literally and try to cheat during your exam.

1. Company Overview
Project GoalsAlways
2. Org Overview
Org StrategyAlways
3. Risks & Assumptions
Dependency Risk (App Store, Other team…)High
Assumption: Unlimited BudgetAlways
4. Actors & Licenses
Platform LicenseLow-Med
Partner CommunityHigh
Customer Community PlusHigh
Customer CommunityHigh
Feature Licenses (Heroku Connect…)High
4. Role Hierarchy
Time: 4 Minutes
5. System Landscape
BI Tool (Tableu CRM)High
Messaging Tool(s) (SFMC, SMS Magic…)High
Document Generation (Conga Composer)High
Digital Signature (DocuSign)High
External File Management (SF Files Connect/X-Files Pro)Medium
Social Login (Facebook, Twitter…)High
Single Sign-On (AD, IDC, Okta…)High
Middleware (ESB/ETL)High
Custom Web-AppMed-High
6. Data Model
Account + ContactAlways
Sales-Cloud Objects (Opportunity, Lead…)High
Service-Cloud Objects (Cases, Entitlements…)High
Custom ObjectsHigh
APP Exchange Package ObjectsMedium
Object with Large Data VolumeHigh
External ObjectMed-High
Time Elapsed: 11 – 15 Minutes
7. Business Requirements
Lightning Web Component (Rich User Interface)High
APEX TriggerHigh
Lighting FlowHigh
Web-To-Lead / Lead FormHigh
Processbuilder/Lightning FlowHigh
Email AlertHigh
Case Escalation Rules / EntitlementsHigh
(Lead/Case) Assignment RulesHigh
Login FlowLow
Validation RulesHight
Social Customer ServiceLow
Lift and shift existing system to HerokuMedium
Enterprise Territory ManagementLow
Approval ProcessHigh
Canvas AppHigh
Integrations (Request & Reply, Fire & Forget…)Always
Standard Mobile AppHigh
Customer Mobile App (Mobile Publisher, Native, Hybrid)High
8. Data Migration
Time: 30 – 35 Minutes
9. Sharing & Accessibility
Ownership based sharingHigh
Criteria Based sharingHigh
APEX Managed SharingHigh
Sharing SetHigh
Account-Relationship based sharingLow
Ext. Account Hierarchy SharingLow
Object Level Security / Field Level SecurityHigh
Public GroupsMed-High
2FA, IP Address restriction, Shield…Medium
Permission SetMedium
10. Reporting Requirements
Standard Report (List/Grouped/Matrix)Always
Historic (Trending) ReportHigh
Off-Platform ReportHigh
Public Report (Heroku, Public Community Page…)Medium
11. Project and Deployment requirements
Center of ExcellenceHigh
Multiple SandboxesAlways
CI/CD Tools (Provar, Copado…)Always
Branching StrategyAlways
Architecture & Coding GuidlinesAlways
Testing StrategyAlways
Project Management (Agile, Waterfall, W-Agile)Always
Release StrategyHigh
Time: 40 – 45 Minutes
12. Bonus Content
oAuth Flow Diagram (JWT, User Agent…)
Detailed integration data flows