Week 4: Admin’s Helper ISV challenge

Week 4 of my ISV challenge was full of progress. Fabulous Confetti reached the public beta status. Furthermore, I did lots of learning on Trailhead about AppExchange development. Next week I need to work on Admin’s Helper mission, vision, and purpose.

Table of Contents

Fabulous Confetti public beta

The Fabulous Confetti App reached public beta status.
Go ahead and check it out on AppExchange.
Let me know what works, what doesn’t work or what you think in general. You can best reach me via Email, LinkedIn or Twitter.

Thanks for all the support, encouragment and feedback you are all amazing!

Knowledge Article Export as PDF in Security Review

The App ‘Knowledge Article Export as PDF‘ is still in security review, hopefully not too long anymore. I added a short “Installation Video”.
Make sure you check out this App as well in the AppExchange.

Learnings Week 4

  • Scratch Org should always be set to expire in one day
  • Feedback from black-box beta testing is brutal & effective
  • Back to Trailhead, there are great AppExchange Trails!
  • Don’t fall in love with your product, ever!
  • Nobody reads the manual, design with that in mind

What happened this week

  • Created Fabulous Confetti AppExchange Listing
  • AppExchange strategy discussions
  • Closed-Beta testing Fabulous Confetti (Deepshikha Rajput, James Hunsberger)
  • Code review Fabulous Confetti by Tim Mathis
  • Performance improvements
  • 1-5-30

Next Week’s plans

  • Fabulous Confetti Security Review submission (hopefully)
  • Better DevOps
  • Mission, Vision, Purpose
  • Research what App to develop next