Judge an App by its listing or why I think ‘Local Time’ has a perfect listing


Most Orgs have than 10 Apps installed, often more. Therefore AppExchange is one of the most important tools in any Architect and Admins toolbelt. Choosing the right app for the job is part of an architect’s daily routine. Over the years I’ve installed my fair share of Apps. I found myself judging an App always in a certain way. I use my favorite App ‘Local Time’ as an example. I think ‘Local Time’ has an almost perfect listing. Let me know what you think and how you judge an App by its listing.

App: Local Time


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In my personal opinion, I’m in no way related to the developers of “Local Time”. I was a happy customer for years. You can find my enthusiastic comment in the reviews. I had two calls on the topic of “AppExchange” development with the developer of “Local Time”. The developer did not influence that document.
PS: The listing might change in the meantime, but most should stay true.

How I judge an App

I use the App “Local Time” to show how I judge an App’s listing. The list is a combination of a few Architects way of judging an App. The list is for “check at first glance”. For bigger apps I do a much deeper analysis. Therefore the following represents a “first screening”.

I always add “-> …” to how I think the “Local Time” does for this aspect.

  1. Title: How does it help me -> Very clear!
  2. Latest Release -> Less than a month ago
  3. Is there a trial -> 30 day trial for 10 users
  4. Test Drive -> The test drive org was full of bad data and zero guidance. Had no idea what to do. Failed completely
  5. Good screenshots -> Shows exactly what I do and can do
  6. Pricing: I vary of free apps -> Clear, simple, reasonable pricing, not free
  7. Rating -> Very good  rating of almost 5 stars with 19 ratings
  8. Highlights -> Short and precis,  tells exactly what it can do
  9. Package Content: Is it reasonable or too many tabs, objects -> Not perfect here, Applications: 2 & Custom Tabs/Objects: 4 seems a little excessive
  10. Installation or configuration guide -> Short, detailed, up-to-date
  11. Bad reviews -> Not too many and the company reacts quickly and professionally. “Thanks, we fixed the bug”
  12. Good reviews -> “Does what it’s supposed to do”
  13. Support and enhancements by developer -> Link to Changelog & Review: ‘They are always incredibly quick to respond’

What I’d change

Even something almost perfect like ‘Local Time’ can be done better. A few of the things I would do differently.

  1. Highlights shorter
  2. Remove Test Drive
  3. Shorten description
  4. Pricing details slightly long (If you hover over the Question mark)
  5. Summary as the first screenshot (Similar to Case Merge App)
  6. Make the App “leaner”, fewer Apps, Objects, and Tabs
  7. Price: Too cheap, rather something like 250$ / Org /Month

PS: My second favorite listing is “Case Merge Premium”


This post was made possible with the support of Neha Nagori.