Road to CTA Q&A Mung Fan and Johann

Mung Fan reached out to me with a list of great questions. He was kind enough to agree to a publication of the questions. The Q&A requires some familiarity with my previous content. We hope, the Q&A is of help to some of you.
Thanks to Lilith for making this post a reality.


Mung: Hello Johann, Your online articles and videos have been informative. Thanks for sharing. Below are some questions I have after going over some of your articles and videos.

Johann: Thank you very much Mung for reaching out.I’m happy you enjoy the content.

Mung: Is your solution sequence similar to your presentation sequence? If not, what is your solution sequence?

Johann: Yes, the sequence is the same in my videos as I’d do in a real board.

Mung: What is the logic behind the presentation style? E.g. why org overview is not part of the system landscape, but right after the company overview?

Johann: From Big to Small. Org Strategy Drives everything coming.

Mung: How to come up with the timing allocated for each section?

Johann: Trial & Error, Practice, and Feedback from CTAs. Your timing might different, see what works for you. This one worked for me.

Mung: In addition to setting two time checks, do you have other suggestions on time management?

Johann: Practice, Practice, Practice. You have to get as many CTA review board mock exams in as possible. 

Mung: How to fast read and pick out the requirements? Do you present all requirements back to the judge?

Johann: I present all requirements back to the judges, you can not skip anything, no matter how easy or small. Fast read is something I need to practice.

Mung: What artifacts do you create for project governance?

Johann: I created CI/CD Pipeline with Sandbox, Branching Strategy, Ownership, Test Strategy… & Governance Model with CoE and Steering committee

Mung: Do you have any URLs to articles or suggestions on how to tell a story during the presentation?

Johann: Salesforce Trailhead Storytelling & Communication and FlowRepublic Communication Bootcamp were very helpful to me.

Mung: Please elaborate more on the comment “not all elements of the ecosystem are part of the review board. Focus on requirements for the review board only” in your recent post at SalesfroceBen. In an interview with Walters954, you have also mentioned you recommend knowing almost all of Salesforce products.

Johann: You don’t have to be an expert in Tableau, Marketing Cloud, Heroku, and so forth. But you need to be able to justify their use, what they are capable of, how security works, how they are integrated with Salesforce, how they fit into your Salesforce architecture, and a few more things. This is a tricky question and constantly changing. Please always read the latest Certification Exam Guidelines from Salesforce.

Mung: Last but not the least, what are the criteria for selecting study buddies or buddies?

Johann: I didn’t select, I randomly accepted the first three people who were motivated and dedicated. Over the 11 months preparation time, I had many different studies buddies for different situations but a core group of 3. Whoever was willing to study with me became my study buddy.