Wisdom by Tom Leddy (SF Architect)

Many people take time out of their day to hop on calls with me and share their knowledge. In place of all the people, I want to thank Tom Leddy today.
I can’t list all of the insights he gave me during our chats, here’s just a shortlist of learnings from our recent chats:

  • Keep it simple, really really simple!
  • Each feature grows your code base exponentially not just linear
  • Being experienced can be a trap
  • Read the documentation
  • Avoid bloat at any cost
  • You are not as smart as you think
  • “Might need later” is the opposite of good design
  • How to refactor Code the boring but successful way
  • Start simple, work towards harder
  • Why a low price can lead to high revenue
  • Marketing matters for all Salesforce professions
  • More features do not necessarily lead to more customers
  • Only build what’s asked for

Make sure you check out Tom’s LinkedIn posts, it’s a gold-mine of content.