Vinay is CTA! & new mock recording

Vinay is CTA!

Vinay Sail, nobody else I know of, deserves the title of CTA more. He must have been a member of every CTA study group out there, worked with everyone on #journeyToCTA, been part of upwards of 70 mocks exams, and studied countless hours. Vinay showed what true dedication to the cause looks like.
Until the day of his board, Vinay didn’t stop studying, practicing, polishing, and giving back. Always friendly, always helpful, and much fun to be around. It was an honor for me to be part of one of the most incredible #journeyToCTA.

Four out four, we are done

Our daily study group is now finished, Vinay was the last of us to pass the board. All four of us are now CTA. Thanks, Bibhu, Jakub, and Vinay for the fun adventure. Couldn’t have done it without you.

Anonymous Candidate

And to the big reveal, the secret around the “anonymous candidate” on YouTube can now be lifted, it was Vinay all along. He was kind enough to allow us to release so many of his mocks on YouTube for others to learn. All of them are worth to be studied.

New mock review board recording: Universal Containers

To celebrate Vinay’s CTA, we release one last mock review board recording done by our beloved anonymous candidate.
This mock review board was recorded just a couple of weeks before Vinay actually became CTA. Make sure to check out Vinay’s last time showing us how it’s done!
Going forward he will sit on the other side of many CTA mock review boards to come.

Scenario: Universal Containers
Date: 27.03.2021
Candidate: Anonymous (Vinay)
Judges: Jakub Stefaniak, Bibhu Pati, Tsezarii Zhydetskyi