CTA Mock Review Board Presentation and Q&A: Constructus Temporary Buildings Version 2

CTA review board mock with Lawrence Newcombe and Andrew Hart judging for Andrew’s excellent Constructus Temporary Buildings scenario. Judges: Lawrence Newcombe, Andrew HartDate: 04.03.2021Scenario: Constructus Temporary BuildingsCandidate: Anonymous Quite a special one – the candidate is retaking Solution Architecture and Development Lifecycle and Deployment Planning, so both presentation and Q&A are shorter (30 mins) and focused on …

CTA Mock Review board and Q&A: Constructus Temporary Buildings

This time Andrew Hart joined us to be a judge for his own scenario “Constructus Temporary Buildings”. Scenario: Constructus Temporary BuildingsJudges: Andrew Hart, Jakub Stefaniak, Johann FurmannCandidate: Anonymous Please consider a donation to Prostate Cancer UK if you like the video. bit.ly/2NnJtZh https://youtu.be/g9CywveOou4

CTA Mock Review board and Q&A: Universal Safety – Episode 2

The candidate is probably one of the most talented I ever had the chance of working with. We all had great fun recording that session.CTA Mock Review & Q/A Scenario: Universal Safety Candidate: Anonymous Judges: Jakub Stefaniak, Lawrence Newcombe, Johann Furmann Date: 24.11.2020 Supported Charity: aadhaar4u https://www.aadhaar4u.org/ https://youtu.be/qZpseZjDrUw