Notes: The Consulting Mindset for Developers

Lilith Van BiesenRupesh Bhatia, and I came together to brainstorm what developers can learn from Admins & Consultants. Here’s a shortlist of my personal notes, may be helpful for some.

1. Admin is more than just configuration
2. Every good Admin is a Consultant
3. Be humble, accept your shortcoming, make mistakes
4. Think like a human!
5. Develop proposals
6. Pick up the phone
7. Everything you can configure should be configurable
8. Data migration matters
9. OoB first -> Know the platform
10. Don’t code!
11.  Combine code and configuration whenever possible
12.  Learn to say no in a friendly way
13.  Always be learning new things from different people
14.  Speak the language
15.  Have great (non-technical) Communication skills
16.  Build relationships
17.  Provide (non-technical) training and demos
18.  Produce great (non-technical) Documentation
19.  Become good at presenting
20.  There’s no shortcut to success