Experiment: LinkedIn ads – 3 Months later

3 months ago I started with LinkedIn ads for my apps. 
Today it was time to analyze, maybe my notes are interesting for some of you as well.

LinkedIn ads can work, but ultimately I did not achieve my goal as hoped. More work/research/experiments needed.

My goal was: “Bring American business Users to request/install my Apps.”
I spent about 1.000€ in total. 
Outcome: Quite a lot of website visits, not many conversions.

Key Take away: 
1) LinkedIn adds (can) work and bring great value
2) Adds can be targeted very granularly
3) Adds are not as expensive as thought 
4) Running ads is another craft I’d need to learn to succeed.

Unstructured notes:
Target demographic: American Business Leads (CEOs, VPs, Head of Sales, Head of Service..)

1) Playing with ads can be addictive, be careful!
2) Experiment, experiment, experiment!
3) Click-Through Rate doesn’t matter, Cost per Click/Conversion is relevant (learned this one too late!)
4) An ad needs to run for a week at least to show success/failure
5) Slightly different ads can change the cost per click by a factor of 7x
6) Different ads work with different demographics
7) Don’t forget about campaigns (lost 200€ to a bad performing campaign)
8) Think about the whole funnel, not just your adds
9) Maybe hire professionals to do the add copies?
10) Try different platforms (e.g. Facebook, Insta, Twitter)
11) Learn how to re-target
12) Change only one thing at a time and test

The screenshot was my most succesful add with a cost per click of €1.58
Link to the ad: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:sponsoredContentV2:(urn:li:share:6788763765249839104,urn:li:sponsoredCreative:123677586)/?actorCompanyId=73032020&viewContext=REVIEWER