Post: What if the User wants to cancel the operation?

I’ve been doing some kind of product management for many years now and keep on making the same mistake.
I keep forgetting: What if the User wants to cancel the operation?

It’s easy to think about a process from start to finish, always moving forward. During development and testing, canceling or going back doesn’t matter but for my Users it is often a crucial action.

Luckily, most of the time it’s a simple “Cancel/Close” button or icon. Sometimes it’s a little more tricky and whole operations must be rolled back.

Going forward, I try to remember the following questions:
– What places can an operation be canceled?
– What happens on Cancel?
– Can users go Back?
– What should happen on Back?
– Can Users resume after Cancel or Back (stateful)?
– What happens if the User Cancel/Back during background operations?

Thanks to one of the Users for pointing out the missing “Close” Icon on the “Case Quick Close” form. What an oversight from my side.
Case Quick Close: