Fabulous Confetti 1.5 – Experience/Community support added and some learnings along the way

You can now bring fun to your partners and customers as well.
Quite some time ago Deepshikha Rajput requested Experience support for Fabulous Confetti.

Below you find a short summary of my experience coding in Experience.

Make sure you check out the latest version and let me know if you find any issues or improvements.

And promised, the next release will be the Animal Update with Dogs, Cats, Elephants and much more.

Learning: Coding for Experience is not the same as Lightning

Coding LWC components for a while now I was quite surprised that a simple port to Experience could turn into a weekend filling project.
There were a few completely unforeseen hiccups along the way.
Going forward I’ll keep that in mind and flag any development for Experience as a potential risk.
It wasn’t that there were big things missing, but small annoying things didn’t work as expected.
Finding the root cause was quite time-consuming.
I got it all to work eventually, but some of the workarounds I use are not my proudest moments.

1) Component Livecycle is slightly different from standard Lightning if using LDS (I think)
2) Lightning Record Pages don’t get recordId automatically. Need a component parameter.
3) LWC Experience documentation and StackOverflow support are limited.
4) VisualEditor.DesignTimePageContext didn’t properly work in Experience
5) ObjectAPIName parameter did not work at all

Link to the app: https://appexchange.salesforce.com/appxListingDetail?listingId=a0N4V00000GYfFjUAL