Performance Friday: Knowledge Article PDF

Following up on Ed Ralph suggestion, cleaning has to be done regularly. Instead of cleaning, I went for performance optimization.

In less than 3h I could optimize the execution time by ~35%.

Going forward I’ll try to make Performance-Friday a regular thing.

Below you find my notes and what I did,

Starting Performance: ~573 MS

Reduce SOQL Querries -> Three Querries avoided 

Result: ~456 MS

Avoid Describe call by using Custom Metadata

Result: ~430 MS

Use new static Metada Methods instead of SOQL
Thanks, Amit Chaudhary for your Blog Post

Result: ~361 MS


– Use Platform Cache for Static Resources URL


I know, the performance of APEX execution performance is controlled by so many different factors direct comparison is always dangerous.

PS: In case you want to try the new version and see the performance improvements yourself.