Opinion: Small or Medium is beautiful

Most of you know, my Salesforce experience is mostly in small to medium-sized Orgs and Teams.

While large-scale organizations and teams have a lot of advantages on your Road To CTA, small to medium-sized teams have their advantages too.

In smaller projects, people often are expected to be more hands-on and versatile. While my day-to-day work as an Architect in a large project is very narrow, as an Architect, Admin or Developer in a medium-sized project I’m expected to do many different things.

A Developer might be asked to User Training, an Admin might need to present proposed Architecture in front of the Board or an Architect does First-Leve support.

Furthermore, as in a small to medium-sized project, I’m often expected to work across multiple domains.

In contrast, in large-scale projects, it might be that I work in the same area of Salesforce on a particular task for months or years on end.

Going really deep in one area is great, but to go with Mitesh Mistry, an Architect must be very versatile and hands-on experience never hurts.

I think, (future) architects working for small or medium-sized Orgs/Projects/Teams must not move to larger projects but can see the chance and take it.

Chances to take:

– Hands-on in a wide range of technology

– Contact with End-Users and Business Leadership

– Wide range of tasks to try/experience

– (Management) flexibility 

Going for my CTA, I was painfully aware of my shortcomings in certain Enterprise areas and worked extra hard to close them. At the same time, I could profit from the wide-ranging experience in medium-sized projects. Starting from User Training over Architecture to First-Level Development Support.

What are some areas you think small to medium-sized Orgs excel in, what are some shortcomings?