Love the problem not the solution – App Restart

Back when I started to work on my AppExchange app Simple-CPQ I had a vision: “Make CPQ fabulous”.

I heavily focused on UI and UX while ignoring almost all basic CPQ functionality. My theory was: Most users only need an easy way to add and edit products.” 

-> I’m partially wrong there.

While I got great feedback for the UI & UX, there was no (commercial) success of the Simple CPQ. Quite a few people came forward and asked for more core CPQ functionality on top of the UX.

I will follow Brian Walsh‘s advice from his Interview with Ankit Taneja: “Love the problem not the solution.”

I will go for a complete re-start with the app over the next couple of months.  I go back to the drawing board and re-think the app from the ground up. 

My new theory is:

“A smartly chosen subset of CPQ features combined with great UX and a competitive price makes for success.” That idea is based on the great success Ed Ralph has with his Super Round Robin app.

As far as I was told, Bundles and Pricing Schemes are the core functionalities I need to add.

I will try to stay true to my vision “Make CPQ fabulous” and continue to invest heavily in UI & UX.

Thanks to all the people who have supported me on that journey. Just to name a few: Jonida Kopper, Hassan Nahhal, Christina NeumüllerKaty Rudd, Tiffany Devlin-Drye

PS: If you don’t mind, I’ll keep you posted on my progress.