Thought-For-Friday: Love makes blind or why professional distance is necessary

Disclaimer: This is a thought rather than a fully fleshed-out concept. Any feedback and criticism is welcome!

Our job is to be a trusted advisor for digital transformation projects using Salesforce.
This means looking at the product, the customer, the processes, and the solution neutrally.

But what happens if we love the product, the customer, the product or the solution?
I lose the necessary neutrality and start to follow my own agenda as an affected stakeholder.

My love for a NGO I’m supporting makes me a fanboy. I think I’m lacking the necessary professional distance to the organization. 
I think I’m not critical enough. 
Let’s say I need to implement a donation process. Instead of optimizing the process for the NGO, I would optimize the process for me as a donor. That serves me rather than the NGO and defeats my role as a trusted advisor.

So what can I do about it?
– Be mindful of my biases
– Get an outside, less biased view
– Choose a different project if nothing else helps

What is your experience? How do you deal with that?

PS: Thanks Christian Meese for opening my eyes.