Advanced Search: Sometimes I have to have fun

I know, there have been more important things to do this morning (sport, meditation, groceries…) but I couldn’t stop myself.

I really wanted to finish “Advanced Search” for Easy-CPQ. It supports now: Search, sort and buttons.

What I learned:

1) Copy UX as much as possible, don’t be smart
-> I tried to come up with something smart. Wasn’t smart at all. I used the standard product select screen as a template in the end.

2) Modularize everything 
-> No module too small, I’ll thank myself later

3) Define “closed” methods instead of passing values between components in LWC
-> I lost a lot of time here debugging my unstable connections before I refactored the communication between components. 

“The module has been given a well-defined, stable description” 

4) Having a solid foundation in APEX makes everything so much easier
-> I already had nicely defined APEX architecture with open-closed methods to be used. The APEX part was done in a few hours.

5) Event propagation is more complex than I thought

PS: Thanks to Darshan Farswan amazing template it was way quicker than I thought.