Op-Ed: Kill your Darling

It hurts me so much, but it has to be done, I have to kill Quick-Search! Experienced writers recommend “kill your darlings”.

The rationale is that we can’t judge something objectively when it becomes dear to our hearts. I think the same applies to product management and software architecture.

I’ve been thinking about killing my darling for weeks, today I found the strength, today I killed “Quick Search” in my upcoming Easy-CPQ.

It’s a tough decision. I’ve been using Quick Search since day one of development. It was literally the first line of code. I’m proud of the code and it has so much potential.  I love my Quick-Search!

So why do I kill despite my deep love?


1) Is it my darling?
2) Easy to explain?
3) Unique? 

First, it’s my darling, that makes it a prime candidate for killing. What I like, Users usually don’t like. I’m just not the target User Group. My behavior in Salesforce is opposite to that of an average User.

Secondly, it’s hard to explain features. While some advanced Users love “Quick-Search”, for average Users it’s not intuitive. Especially if you don’t know what you are searching for. A simple table beats advanced search for the average user every time.

Most important, it’s redundant. Easy-CPQ has a normal, table-based search. Quick search is an alternative wayfinding a Product. 

Having multiple ways to achieve the same thing is never good. It confuses everyone involved.

So today is the day, I delete Quick-Search from Easy-CPQ, it has to be done. 

PS: Thanks @Daniel Stange who introduced me to the concept of killing my darlings.