Put in the effort: Good error messages

The more I work in Salesforce, the more I appreciate vendors, admins, architects, and developers putting in the time and effort for good error messages.

Error Message: “Type is required”
Recently I worked with a complex flow. The flow has many elements, lots of objects, and many, many Invocable actions involved. One of the elements gave me the error: “Type is required.”
-> I had no idea what to do.

I can assume, from a developer’s point of view that the error message made sense at the time but I had no idea what to do. It turned out I had to set a picklist value on of Order Product records. It took me hours to figure that out.

If the error message would have been just a little more descriptive, I’d have saved hours of trial and error.
Better message: “For Order Products, a Type is required. Example: Type = Product”
Even better, make the error message configurable and translatable via Custom Labels.

PS: I’m sure, there’s a whole science behind good error messages. I’ve still a long way to go.