Leads != Money  Or how I make more money with less effort

A few weeks ago I increased the price of my apps significantly.
While it is too early to draw conclusions, I want to share my first learnings.

First the bad news, and that hurts my ego. The number of Leads and trial installs fell significantly. I have to admit, that hurts! Seeing all the new installs and Leads every morning was one of my favorite breakfast exercises.
Now, I’m lucky when I have a new install per day.

The good news, is I got a few new customers paying full price, juhhuuu. The few Leads and installs I’m still getting have a high likelihood of buying for a much higher price.
That means that I make way more money for a far smaller efforts.

I’ll keep you posted on the results, but so far everything looks very promising: Less Leads, less effort but more money,

I looked at the wrong metric. While Leads and installs feel great, at the end of the day MRR growth is the only metric that should matter.

I think that ties in nicely with Tom Leddys recent post on “How to Identify Business Value as an Architect”. Please have a read, it was eye-opening for me.

PS: Thanks all of you for the great support, I couldn’t do it without all of you.