Opinion: Many #journeyToCTA skills are not Salesforce specific

Some people are worried: Is all the investment in a CTA actually worth it? What if one switches to another technology, will all the hard work for the CTA be useless, wasted effort?

I think many skills you learn throughout your #journeyToCTA are helpful no matter what (IT) career you pursue long term.


– Data Modelling
– System Architecture
– Integration Architecture
– Security
– Communication on C-Level
– Business Process modeling
– CRM processes
– Thinking under high pressure on the spot
– Network of like-minded people
– MeditationĀ 
– Efficient note-taking
– Governance and CI/CD
– On vs. Off-Platform decisions
– Being humble
– Admitting mistakes
– Soft eye concept
– Risk management
– Simple and elegant solutions
– Enterprise Level Architecture

What do you think?