Goodbye Easy-CPQ

Today was a sad day, I had to set Easy-CPQ to “Private Listing”.
My plan for my AppExchange products is to have them run beside my main business. Easy-CPQ did not create any significant revenue. I had a few opportunities but none materialized.

But as always, I don’t want to let a good failure go to waste. Complex software products need high investment in:

1. Marketing and sale
2. Documentation and training
3. Partnerships
4. Support

I want to say thank you to all the supporters, testers, promoters, and people that cheered me on.
I feel like I let so many of you down, but it had to be done. A few learnings I’d like to share.
Special thanks to Sviatoslav Voloshin (he/his/him/ally) and Jonida Kopper, you have been an amazing help!