My thoughts on CTA-601 and CTA-602

I get many questions around CTA-601 and CTA-602 and the review board. The question is along the way: Are they really worth it. My short answer is: Yes.

This is my personal opinion only. For the current offerings please check the official documentation in the “Architect Trailblazer Community”.

Long Answer: Yes

The CTA review board will be one of the hardest things you do in your career. If you tell me “I don’t need CTA-601” either means you already know everything there is to know our you underestimate the toughness of the review board. 

The review board is a 6h – 7h monster, your chances of passing are already bad enough, missing a chance to learn is nothing you should even consider.

You will need any help you can get. I recommend doing your CTA-601 right at the beginning of your final preparation time and CTA-602 a month or two before your review board.

But it’s so expensive!

Expensive is relative. Not doing the two classes decreases your chances of passing. Compared to failing the CTA review board the two courses are pretty cheap. Everything that increases your chances of passing the review board is worth it.

But I already got a CTA X supporting me

Many people tell me, that they already have X number of CTAs supporting them, don’t need another CTA helping.

The CTA-601 and CTA-602 are more than another CTA helping you. These courses are designed from the ground to improve your chances of passing.

Furthermore, coming back to the toughness of the review board, you will need any help you can get. 

But I always passed all my Certs alone 

Many of us passed all Certificates up to the CTA alone, no classes, no study groups, just you and the internet. That will not be the case anymore with the review board. During CTA-601 you will not only get feedback for your own solution but can see how others do it. That’s an amazing opportunity to learn. Nobody passes the CTA alone, it’s just too tough. 

But Person Y passed without the CTA-601 and CTA-602

Agree, I passed without the CTA-602 because it wasn’t a real thing yet when I went to the board. And true, some people passed without the CTA-601.

But just because some people passed without CTA-601 or CTA-602 doesn’t mean you can. Do you want to take the chance of failing?

If you need more details on CTA-601 or CTA-602 head on over to Salesforce Success community:

Update, Thanks to Sergey and Kid

Teachers are amazing

The teachers of CTA-601 & CTA-602 are CTAs and experienced coaches themselves. As far as I know, they also have experience being a judge. This is as good as CTA support you can get.


Right at the beginning of your CTA journey, you have the chance of meeting 15 other people who are at the same situation as you. Finding a group like that took Kid and Sergey several months. The CTA-601 hands it to you on a silver plate.


CTA 601: Certified Technical Architect Preparation Workshop

CTA 602: Architect Review Board Readiness Diagnostic