CTA Preparation – Collection data models

As part of my CTA preparation, I researched the most important data models. Understanding and memorizing different Salesforce data models was very beneficial for my understanding of key concepts. Data models are represented as seen in schema-builder.
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Table of Contents


The data models are logical data models, not technical data models. Sometimes the logical data model is slightly different than the technical data model (e.g. PBE linking to WOLI).

Thanks, Emily for spotting the difference!

Sales-Cloud I

Sales-Cloud II,

Sales-Cloud III


Sales and Service Cloud ā€“ default

Payment Processing – generic

CPQ – Bundles & Rules

CPQ – Pricing Methods

CPQ – Discounting Tools

CPQ – Subscriptions

CPQ – Orders

CPQ – Contract Amendments

Lightning Scheduler

Individual (GDPR) – short

Skill based routing

Salesforce Live Message

FLS-Preventive maintenance