A letter to Meera

Dear Meera

About 8 months ago I saw you for the first time present. The topic was ‘Salesforce Solution Design – Performance considerations’ at Virtual Dreamin. I fell in love with your scientific way of dissecting a topic. There was somebody who took a like performance and really took it apart. You analyzed it piece by piece to put it together for a decision again. This way of dissecting a topic changed my way of researching topics. So not so much the topic of your presentation itself touched me but how you approached it. You changed the way I research Salesforce topics.

Within a couple of months, you joined the leadership team of the SAIMA Group. Within SAIMA, it’s always a blast to be working with you. You are positive, moving forward, and very reliable.

Besides leading the SAIMA Group you contributed to the Salesforce community at large. Your many presentations on different architecture and developer topics are invaluable. There’s not a single month where you wouldn’t surprise me with something innovative, something new. I can’t list all the things you did for the community, but here are my favorite three:

  1. Track Record Save Performance Details Using Log Inspector
  2. Apex Exception Handling with Platform Event
  3. An Easy approach to Take Metadata Backup of your Org – Using sfdx mdapi and powershell script

Thank you so much for your contributions, I hope you will delight me many years to come.
This letter is to one of my brightest stars in the Salesforce community.



Full Name: Meera R Nair

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