Summer vacation & recap

What a year, what a year, what a year! No seriously, what a year! Tomorrow starts my extended social-media summer break. I’m already missing all of you!
I think it’s a good moment to recap. So much happened since I uploaded the first SAIMA video in April 2020.

My 4 highlights:
1) Meera becoming MVP -> A lot of crying
2) Vinay, Jakub, Bibhu and I become CTA -> A lot of dancing
3) Getting to know so many different from around the world -> You are all amazing
4) SAIMA Group growing into a global community -> Still can’t believe it

My 3 learnings:
1) Salesforce people are happy for each others success
2) Collaborations bring out the best results and are fun
3) Everybody can teach me something

My six favorite posts:
1) A letter to Meera
2) Architces do the dishes
3) Op-Ed: The Salesforce Architect Role, Moving from Art to Skill and Blueprints
4) Spring Cleaning for Architects
5) Admin knowledge matters for the CTA
6) A Salesforce tale as old as time

~ 600 calls to “nerd out about Salesforce”
~ 50 videos on different channels
~ 40 text blog posts
AND many, many good friends!