5 Ways to troll your Users

By SalesforceNerd and Johann Furmann

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User /ˈjuː.zɚ/

noun [ C ]

Formal: someone who uses a product, machine, or service

Informal: someone who finds a way of misusing your app, product or service


Users, love them or hate them, are the reason we do what we do. In the end, our well-designed, fully-featured, functional, fast, fancy app isn’t worth a farthing if nobody uses it. Worse – it’s probably worth even less if people hate it or accidentally misuse it. They keep us on our toes and give us feedback that we need but not what we really want. 

In this post, we’ll get creative. We came up with scenarios to troll our dear users for fun and games. Word of warning: Don’t try this at home, you may end up in a tight spot

Onwards and trollwards…

Random Easter Eggs 🐣

What: Pepper the UI with random easter eggs for users to find but they are not easily reproducible
How: Throw confetti for every x page load, where x is a random number
Admin/Dev: Both
Effort: Medium
Deviousness: High

Random Page Layouts

What: Randomly changing page layouts
How: Dynamic forms with a random visibility setting
Admin/Dev: Admin
Effort: Low
Deviousness: High

Change order of picklists

What: Change the order multiple times a day of often used picklists (e.g. Salutation)
How: Manually / CI Script
Admin/Dev: Admin (Manual) / Dev
Deviousness: Medium

Insert a random non-work task

What: Insert a weekly random non-work task and assign it to your user 
How: Surprise your user with a task like “Buy milk!”, “Get flowers for the dog” (plus points if they own)
Admin/Dev: Admin (Flow) / Dev (Trigger)
Deviousness: Medium

Slow Page loading speed

What: Slow down page loading speed over the course of a day. Have it happen only on random days far between. 
How: Add a small LWC which artificially slows down Page loading. Make it random or always before lunchtime.
Admin/Dev: Dev
Deviousness: High

Now, don’t forget to heed our warning about not trying this at home( or at work ). Unless it’ll bring a smile on their face, then you have our permission to try some or all of the above. And if YOU, dear reader, have any more trolltastic suggestions, don’t hesitate to add them to the comments. Adios.

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