6 ways to drive your Salesforce Admins crazy

Jodi Hrbek and I came together to find 6 ways to drive our Admins crazy. Please do not try this at home!

Title: CEO approval
What: All changes need to be approved by the CEO.
How to: Every change in the system needs to be approved by the CEO personally before go-live.
Deviousness: Medium
Bonus craziness: CEO is never around and does not understand Salesforce.

Title: Pixel Perfect Email Templates
What: Marketing requests email templates using standard Lightning Templates
How to: Marketing demands that every outgoing email has to be pixel perfect on every device. 
Deviousness: High
Bonus craziness: Email contains many dynamic fields including a rich-text field.

Title: Unclear business process
What: Business demands a business process to be implemented.
How to: Business is not clear how the process is supposed to work but demands you implement it anyway.
Deviousness: High
Bonus craziness: Two teams fight over the right business process and you are caught in the middle.

Title: We don’t need it after all
What: Provide very specific requirements for a complex solution and never implement it
How to: Business insists there is a high-priority project that needs to be implemented ASAP and then tells Admin team after they demo it, “This is great but we decided not to move forward with this program.”
Deviousness: High
Bonus craziness:  Introduce this fun in the middle of the unclear business process craziness

Title: Oversimplify the effort
What: Select new functionality to add to the org without the corresponding resources to implement or maintain
How to: Make an investment in a net new platform area, such as CPQ or Service Cloud with no project resources for the implementation or growth to the team for ongoing support.
Deviousness: High
Bonus craziness: Partner with the Salesforce account team who will agree that companies stand this up in a matter of days all the time.

Title: “Of course my data is ready to upload!”
What: Reach out at the end of the day with a “quick and easy” yet critical data load that needs to be done by morning.
How to: Provide a spreadsheet without any structured formatting and lots of missing fields.
Deviousness: High
Bonus craziness:  Add multiple columns with date time fields and currency fields that need to be formatted and plenty of picklist values that aren’t part of restricted picklist requirements.