4 ways to stop your dreams from failing


We all have dreams, small and big. I think it’s important to be aware of the reasons dreams fail. Since I’m currently in the valley of tears with my AppExchange company I asked a friend about her failed dream. She shared the four reasons her dream of a software company failed and we discussed how I can avoid the same mistakes.

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All I’m writing here is based on my current knowledge and my situation. It might be wrong, only the future can tell. Your situation might be completely different.

-Based on a true story-

The following is loosely based on a true story.


A few years ago, a friend of mine had the idea of a lightweight HR solution for transportation companies. Together with three friends, they went out to make that idea a reality. Everything was perfectly lined up for them. They had experience with IT projects in the Spanish translation industry. One of them was a pretty good full-stack developer. Between the four of them, they had all the skills necessary. They even had enough money to survive for one year. After quitting their jobs they started working on the HR solution. 3 months later, they had something to show for, a company that was interested to test the first iteration of their product. What started so perfect was soon an abandoned dream.

I’m currently in the same situation with my company ‘Admin’s Helper’. 3 months ago, I released my first app and soon two more followed. I had quite some traction with ‘Fabulous Confetti’ and ‘Knowledge Article PDF’. Product Quick Select is a little slower. After an initial hype, installs slowed down. That’s when the fear started to creep in. At first just a little nagging, soon the voice of doubt became louder.

I know, I will give everything I can to make Admin’s Helper a success. I although know, I’ve to be honest with myself. I’m scared, seriously scared. What if it all doesn’t work?

Be aware of the easy way out

That’s why one Sunday I asked my friend: “What exactly killed your HR software back then?”

Yamur told me: “It was fear”. It was the same fear I have right now. After an initial phase of high motivation, a phase of depression followed. The software still needed quite some work, selling was harder than expected and none of three had any idea about marketing.

That’s when they took the first consulting work, at first just to subsidize development. Soon consulting work killed the dream of having their own HR software completely. Consulting was an easy, quick way to make money.

I’m in the same situation. The first three months of developing and releasing apps were like a dream. Everything worked even better than expected. Now, sales are slow, marketing is hard, and easy consulting work is waiting on every corner.

Learning: I’ve to be aware of the easy way out.

Keep on going, it gets easier

Only after they built the initial prototype, they realized how much they underestimated the effort. They worked hard every day, but the mountain of work seemed to be growing rather than shrinking.

At the same time last year, I was in the middle of my CTA review board preparation and realized the same. I had completely underestimated the effort it takes to become a CTA. No matter how hard I worked, the list of things to learn kept on growing. They’re not too few moments when I was close to quitting. Thanks to my supportive environment I kept ongoing. After 3 months it started becoming a little easier every day. Slowly the mountain of work started shrinking.

Learning: I just have to keep on going, it gets easier eventually.

Create moments of success

Furthermore, Yamur told me lack of success seriously wore down their motivation. So much stuff went wrong while at the same time not many moments of success happened. My apps are similar, besides the occasional install or 5-star review, not many real moments of success happen.

The same fear of failure was a constant companion on my #journeyToCTA. Almost daily I doubted myself. Can I do it, am I good enough? There were so many situations of failure. The one thing that kept me going was daily moments of success. Sometimes it was big things like finally understanding the oAuth Web-Server-Flow, sometimes it was something small like having a good opening line for my presentation.

Learning: Create at least one moment of success each day.

If you don’t try, you will never know

My final question to Yamur was: “Do you regret not pulling through?” The consulting they started became small but quite profitable. Without a doubt, she answered: “Yes. I regret it almost daily.”

Consulting is nice and all, but having a software company was her big dream. She will never know what would have happened. Now, Yamur has a family and bills to pay, the moment to try something so risky like a software company has passed. For a long time to come, she will regret her decision to not pull through.

Learning: If I don’t try now, I will never know.

A happy end after all

At face value, Yamur’s dream of a HR software company might have failed but she still considers it a happy end. The three became a great little company and they are still friends. Not every dreams needs to be a success to be a happy end.

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