Notes: Marketing apps on landing pages

Ruth Cawdron is a very talented marketing manager at ProvenWorks.
She was kind enough to share her knowledge about software product marketing with me.

– Focus your website on your most important target group, don’t try to please everyone
– Most Salesforce app websites are unfocused
– Keep your message business-focused -> How does it help me to make more money
– Skip the business jargon
– Include clear call-to-actions and repeat them
– Explain what happens after the call to action e.g. Johann will call you
– AppExchange reviews really, really matter!
– Change something and then wait for a few weeks
– Don’t check your KPIs daily!
– Numbers sometimes fluctuate randomly
– Copy what works for other (consumer) websites
– Skip the tech jargon
– Don’t change what works
– Expect the worst: design for people who are too busy, distracted and scared of change.There are two main KPIs: Acquisition, Attention

I took her advice and worked a little on my Product Quick Select page. I think it’s much better now than before.

PS: Thanks to Tom Leddy for the nice product description text!