3 non-tech ways to boost your Knowledge base

It always comes down to knowledge, no matter if look at Sales or Service organizations. Success always depends on a well-informed staff. A Knowledge Base is always the foundation, but do you get the most out of your Knowledge base?

A companies Knowledge base is often more like a ghost town than a buzzing center of knowledge: Outdated articles, low view count, and a general neglect plague most Knowledge bases I encountered. I want to share my top 3 tips to get the most out of your knowledge base.

  • Clean Articles
  • Marketing
  • New Articles based on Emails and Calls

Bonus ideas:

  • Have a clear goal
  • Implement continuous improvement processes
  • Optimize Page Layouts
  • Add PDF download capability

“I think knowledge bases are extremely important and often overlooked”, Courtney Cloud.


The best knowledge base is of no value if nobody knows about it. From my experience, it’s not enough to rely on one-time training or information. Your user base needs a permanent reminder about the value of the knowledge base. The knowledge base is very well suited for content-based marketing.

How often: Every couple of weeks.

To do today: Send an email to your users with your favorite article.

New Articles

The knowledge base has to be relevant for the day-to-day operations of your agents, but coming up with useful articles is no easy task. One way I liked it a lot is to check with agents directly. To do so, ask three random agents a simple question: “What questions did you have to answer today?”.

After doing that a few times you get a lot of ideas for new articles. Not all articles have to be long and complex, sometimes small articles can be of even greater value for (new) agents.

How often: Each week.

To do today: Ask two agents: “What questions did you have to answer today?”

Clean Articles

The smaller and cleaner your knowledge base is, the easier it is for your agents to find the relevant information. The first step for a clean knowledge base is to remove all outdated or unused articles. The remaining articles should be short, precise, and up to date. A good start is to remove articles with a low view count.

How often: Every couple of months.

To do today: Remove articles with a view count of 0

App: Knowledge Article PDF
– Free your knowledge –

Link: https://adminshelper.com/home-2/knowledge-article-pdf/

What it does


✔ Export any Knowledge Article as PDF with the click of a button

✔ Salesforce Lightning and Experience Cloud (Community)

3 Reasons to Add a PDF download Button

✔ Enable customers or employees to download PDF versions from Experience

✔ Offline access to Knowledge Articles for field service

✔ Share Articles easily via email