A letter to the Indian Salesforce Community

We all know, that for many years the Indian community is an essential part of the Salesforce community.

For me personally, there wasn’t a single step in my Salesforce career where I didn’t learn from a friend with Indian heritage. Jitendra Zaa’s name will forever be connected with the feeling of finally getting an answer deep in one of the Salesforce forums. Mayank Srivastava, Santanu Boral and Gourav Sood helped me through the hard parts of the architect domain certification journey.

Over the last couple of years my connection to the Indian community became closer and closer. It started with my coworkers at YourSL and hear.com, thank you Shravanthi Jakkireddy for all the help you gave me on my journey as a wannabe developer.

The last 12 months it all intensified that sometimes I feel like being in India myself. My connection to the Indian community became so much closer.  And that’s when I noticed, that I started to emulate quite a few behaviors and manners from the Indian Salesforce community.

I really enjoy the friendliness, the eagerness to learn, and the positive way of speaking. But what stands out most to me is the braveness. So many of you go into a foreign, strange country with not more than a contract and suitcase full of hope. You leave everything behind to pursue a dream in a foreign, often cold, country.

Despite the recent situation in India, none of all the good things changed. The knowledge sharing never stopped, the braveness never stopped, the friendliness never stopped.

And that’s why today I decided to write this letter to the whole Indian Salesforce community:
Thank you all! I wouldn’t be, professionally but also personally, the same without you. Thank you!

Your friend from Berlin


PS: Special thanks to Gaurav, Neha Nagori, and Meera R Nair who create make the SAIMA Group something I could never imagine happen.