6 things I learned from Ike’s app reviews for my future videos and presentations

No matter if I roll out a new feature, go live with a project or release an app, a good promotional video or presentation goes a long way. I learned a lot from Ike Wagh’s app review of Fabulous Confetti so much for my future videos. I think the learnings can not only be applied to videos but any presentation.

Table of Contents


I’m very honored that Ike Wagh reviewed my App Fabulous Confetti. I think his App review is better than anything I could ever create myself to explain what Fabulous Confetti does and why you should try Fabulous Confetti in your org.

His Youtube channel ‘Apps for Admins’ has 14 high-quality App reviews. To make my future videos better, I analyze his video in detail.


Most of his videos are about 3 minutes in length. I think that’s the optimum length for most videos. 3 minutes is enough to highlight the key elements while not being too long to require significant investment by your viewer.

Learning: Make the videos 3-4 minutes in length


His videos start right away with a one-sentence hook followed by his channel’s intro. The introduction summarizes the app nicely while keeping the viewer hooked for more. Bonus points for the nice visual of having confetti in his hands.

Learning 1: Start with a one-sentence summary while not revealing too much.

Learning 2: Have a short but compelling channel intro.

What is …

The main part of the video starts with a short introduction of the channel and the app. It took Ike less than 20 seconds to explain the core functionality of the app.

Learning 3: Start the main part with a one-sentence elevator pitch.

How it works

He does a small life demo of the app which uses cuts and zoom-ins to highlight the important parts. He shows the setup as well as two life demos of the app in use in his demo org. It’s not just a screen recording but he puts effort into editing the video to make it easy to follow. All loading times are cut, important parts of the configuration are zoomed in. At the same time, he explains every part of the demo.

Learning 4: A good app demonstration needs editing like cuts and zoom-in while having a good audio explanation of what’s happening on screen.


The final part of the app review itself is his recommendation, Try the App to make celebrating the unique way your team celebrates success easier. This recommendation doesn’t mention any features but the business impact of the app.

Learning 5: A recommendation focuses on business impact rather than features or technology.

Video Ending

The close-up is a simple ask for alike for the video, a channel subscription, and a call for action to watch more of his app reviews. This is a nice way of closing up the video since it’s what I expect from a YouTube video for the finish.

Learning 6: Always finish with a video ending including a call to action.