Scheduled Flows for Email send-outs: Know your limits

Disclaimer: This summary is based on documentation and testing in Dev Org. Please do your own research.

I’ve been researching for a particular use case:
Once a day, send out an email to a user for each asset that hase been created that day. One Email per asset based on a template.

Traditionally, I’d use Batch APEX for that but since we have the new fancy scheduled Flow I wanted to give it a test ride. My (Dev Org + Documentation) findings are the following:

Possible: Yes, but limits need to be considered. Some other limitations apply.

Volume Limits –

Processed Records: -> Fine, Needs to be calculated/monitored
At least 250.000 Flow Interviews /24h Org wide, each record counts as one flow interview

Email Alerts: -> Fine, Needs to be calculated/monitored
1k per internal license per Org per 24h for Email Alert sends

CPU Time-Out: -> No Problem
Documentation claims email send-outs are bulkified + my Dev Org was able to send 1.250 Email alerts per scheduled flow

– Other limitations –

From Address:
From Address can OoB not be dynamic but needs to be an Org wide Default Address since scheduled Flows run as the Automation User
Translations are not respected, since scheduled Flows run in the language of the Automation User.

Lighting Email Templates:
I ran into a weird bug using Lightning Email Templates in my alert and had to resort back to Classic Email Templates.