Op-Ed: It was us all along

Berlin is a dirty city, wherever you go you see trash. We, locals, tell each other that the tourists are to blame. It’s a convenient explanation, it’s not us, it’s the others. Nothing we can or must do about it.

Suddenly, starting with the first lock-down, all tourists were gone. Almost 12 months without any tourists.
You would think, the city should become cleaner, it didn’t. Nothing changed, Berlin remained almost as dirty as before and we had to admit: It was us all along.

In my Salesforce projects, I love to blame externals, business, or management for a dirty Org: “Head of Sales forced me to add 50 Fields on the Lead Layout, CFO made me import all these useless invoices. If it would be only on me, the Org would be sparkling clean.”
But maybe, it is the same story in our Orgs. Maybe it was us all along.

Maybe we Salesforce Admins, Developer and Architects are as much to blame for a dirty Org as externals, business, and management.

Did I just add the new Field to all Page Layouts instead of checking which Layout’s it actually needs to be on? Did I just install that App for testing in Prod but not uninstall it afterward? Did I remove the last User from a Role but skip deleting the Role?

Going forward I want to be mindful: How much of a dirty Org is actually on me and what can I do about it?