Op-Ed: My guiding principles

We all have to make decisions every day, some big, some small. To help me get to the right decision, I try to follow a few simple principles.
I’m in no way perfect and following these principles all the time. I try to remember and follow them as often as possible.
Maybe some of you would like to share your guiding principles as well.

Don’t be greedy

Salesforce success is a long game. Being greedy is the opposite of long-term planning. Every time I have to make a decision, short-term greed makes me chose the wrong one. 
I might choose the wrong project, the wrong 
I’ll be doing Salesforce for many years to come, optimizing for short-term revenue will only hurt me in the long run.

Don’t be smart

Almost everything I’m about to do has been done by somebody smarter than me before. It’s tempting to come up with my own solution, my own ideas but so far the ideas of others have always been better.
Every time I feel smart about my idea, usually, there’s something wrong.

Don’t love your product

It’s easy for me, to fall in love with my own creation. Unfortunately, falling in love means I don’t see the flaws and shortcomings of my product, solution or idea anymore.
While a certain level of affection is necessary to pull through hard times, it can be very dangerous. This one is the most dangerous one for me.

Love your customers

There’s nothing more important than my customers and Users. They always come first. 
No matter the request, feedback, or comment, it’s always a chance to show love for my customers.
I’m convinced, that long-term success is created by a true love for my customers.