Service, Service, Service OR the secret to 5-Star reviews

Take-Away: Don’t create an app if you are not willing to become a service superstar.

Ed RalphBram Julsing or Tim Mathis, all of them built a successful AppExchange business over the last 2 years with many 5-Star reviews.
I was curios: What are people saying about their products?

While all reviews mention the great product, almost all have a mention of the great service and flexibility as well.  
While I thought of a software company as of genius programmers, amazing marketers and savvy business people I realize more and more, great people skills are as important.
Especially as a small, independent app developer a close relationship to the customers is absolutely necessary.

The opposite is also true. Almost all negative reviews I found on the AppExchange mention some bad service experience.

Just a few examples:

“I would also like to add that the Forcelution team has been SUPER receptive to new ideas and supportive in learning the app. I’m impressed by how responsive they are through email when I believe they’re in a different country! Can’t wait for all of the innovative upcoming releases.”

“Ed was super responsive to help with set up and implementation via email and Google Hangout which was crucial. “

“I can vouch for CAB’s usability and for the reactiveness of LightBlaze’s support”

“Bram and Erol have also been quick to respond and continue to roll out new features. Keep up the great work”

Check-Out their apps:
– SuperRound Robin
– Campaign Audience Builder
– Enhanced Approval Request Pro