Opinion: (Maybe) Bad reasons for Multi-Org

“People think they need a multi-org environment when all they need is to architect their code a little better.”
Matthew Gerry

He got me thinking, what other bad reasons I’ve heard for going down the multi-org route?

1) Departments can’t agree on priorities
-> Departments will not agree on priorities in a multi-org environment as well.
2) Too much data
-> Do you really need all 2.5 million old Quotes?
3) We constantly hit Salesforce limits
-> Did you try refactoring and following best practices?
4) Coordinating the different department’s implementations is too cumbersome
-> Did you try setting up a CoE with guidelines and boundaries?
5) We have separate billing departments
-> No words for that

What are your favorite bad reasons for multi-org?

Disclaimer: In no way I’m saying there aren’t situations where these reasons are legit for multi-org.

PS: The video was SOLID Design Principles in Salesforce Tutorial Series: Ep 6 – The Dependency Injection Principle