Opinion: Building As A Process 

Target Group: Admins, Devs, Architects
Complexity: Simple

In the past, setting up an app, building a flow or coding felt like art or magic to me. It was a back and forth from front to back, from top to bottom. My head was swirling while the solution slowly came alive. While it felt great, it was a highly unstable and unpredictable process.

Over the last years step by step, I standardized my process. I found, following a strict process even for simple requirements increased the predictability, quality, and speed of implementation. While it feels like a lot of “bureaucracy” at first, it really helps to get something out of the door quickly while keeping the quality high.

Disclaimer: This is geared towards my current company size of one, qualification, etc. Your process might differ.

Start: User Research: What is the requirement?

1) Research Market: How do others do it?

2) Write Tickets Including Acceptance criteria

3) Design UI/UX (get feedback if possible)

4) Design Database, Code, Flow… 

5) Research: How did others build it (unofficalSF, PlayGround…)

6) Create a throw-away(!) prototype

7) Design code architecture (Architecture & LWC)

8) Define interfaces between code layers

9) Implement database changes and adopt test data factory

10) Write tests

11) Write Code/Automation: 1. Adapter Layer, 2. Service Layer, 3. Front End

12) User Acceptance Test 

13) Refactor & Cleanup

14) Update documentation

15) Release

PS: Thanks to two amazing architects who coached me on that, I’m looking forward to learning more from them.

UnofficialSF: https://unofficialsf.com/

PlayGround: https://live.playg.app/