Save the environment: Re-Use & Recycling

Target Group: Devs
Complexity: Simple

I could improve my output as a coder a lot over the last couple of weeks. While practice helps, re-use & recycling was a big factor.

Things I Re-Use & Recycle:

1) Code:
I build a small library of code I tend to use over and over. Some are for copy/past, some are in utility classes.

2) Software Architecture:
By now I have the way I structure my code (mostly) standardized. I re-use the same approach again and again.  I get that approach from Alon Magen. I try to improve upon the code structure every time a little. My newest addition is an adapter layer.

3) Polymorphism, SOC, SOLID…
All the good “proper coding” things make it super easy to re-use or recycle code.
Example: Easy-CPQ is built around products. I have a base product model (productName, productId…) that I extend for specific use cases, for example, to become a QLI model or search result.

4) Use open-source code.
I try to re-use as much available code as possible. My favorite sources are UnofficalSF and Playground.
Example: This time I used the “Custom Datatable with Pagination, Search & Sort – LWC” by Darshan Farswan.

5) Test Data

I make it an effort to always have really, really good test data available, not only for Unit Tests but also for UI testing.  This is an amazing time saver.

I’m sure, I’ll develop more and more ways to re-cycle and reuse.